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Simply Cremated

Contact Person: Philip McLean
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Address: 4 Station Road
Postcode: AB55 5DR
City: Keith
Phone: 0800 1930403
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Simple Cremation at a simple price, from £1450
Simply Cremated is a new service created to fill a need. Recent research show that there is an opportunity for the provision of fuss-free more economical cremations, without any sacrifice of dignity and respect we recognise that a Funeral is an important event where compassion and a sense of reverence is important-we always bare this in mind.If you want simplicity a minimum of fuss but a cremation service carried out by acknowledged experts in the field then simply cremated is the right choice.We have been conducting our Funeral Director business for over 100 years and now offer this new service simply cremated to provide a clear, straightforward, respectful and dignified cremation without the need of any formal ceremony this is a service that we ensure that everything takes place with the minimum of fuss and without the cost associated with the funeral.If this is a service you feel appropriate simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our highly trained service client service members who will proved details of the simply cremated offer.   We have wealth of experience and you will find our staff sympathetic helpful and informative.   Having made the decision to proceed, you can reassured that we will take care of the rest of the details in our usual and professional manner.What does the Simply Cremated service offer?   Our help and guidance by professional 24hrs er and 365 day a year   our team of professionals to take you through all the necessary paperwork and immediate arrangements.   Our specialist funeral vehicle to transport the deceased   Provision of a simple coffin.   Return of ashes in one of a range of appropriate containers   There will be no view or cortege.   Mourner will not be able to attend or be present at the cremation   There will no formal service and we will decide when the cremation will take place.   Simply cremated does not mean any loss of respect- we will not cut corners, it will,   at all times, conducted in accordance with our high standards and renowned attention to detail. Respect, care and simplicity are our watch words  
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