Solutions Driven Limited

Solutions Driven Limited

Solutions Driven was founded in 1998 by Walter G. Speirs. It all began with seven people, and today we've grown to a company of over 70 based in Glasgow, Scotland.

You could be amazed to know that despite a team of over 70, we're represented by nine different countries including India, Austria, USA, Australia, Japan and of course the UK.And with such a diverse group of people, from many different countries, we such as to think we bring an one-of-a-kind approach to exactly how we collaborate with clients and engage with candidates across the globe.22 YEARS and going strong 2021 is our 23rd year in business-- yet we're simply getting started. We're actually excited to share Recruitment Process Intelligence ™ with the globe.

For many years we've been fortunate to have earned repeat business from 89% of our clients, large and small.

Whether that's in the traditional sectors of manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, or recently, tech fields such as AI and Machine Learning. Our team loves handling a wide variety of challenges.

OUR CULTUREA Great Place for Great People to do Great Work

We spend more time with colleagues than we do with our families and friends, so our company believe it's crucial to have as much fun as possible while we're here.We've been honing our internal culture for 20 years, and if staff surveys are anything to go by, we must be doing something right. In addition to an impressive Glassdoor score, we've got charity events, days away for top performing teams, company evenings out, flexible working, games rooms and break out areas, an indoor garden, complimentary fresh fruit ... there's no place quite like SD.

A large part of why SD is a fantastic place to be is since we put so much emphasis on our SD Behaviours. These principles inform every little thing from the method we treat our colleagues, to how we conduct our business, to the attitude we want to see on a daily basis.

That said, we value individuals as much as we do teamwork, which is why our deep emotional and behavioural intelligence assessments are utilized to ensure that every hire we make will add a new voice and method of thinking to our teams. We're not an office of clones, yet our collaboration is second to none.

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